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LawFlicks is the revolution in the legal arena that everyone waited for! We provide you free access to law blogs of Ivy League Institutes like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, etc. and premier National Law Universities of India in one touch! Apart from that, articles authored by the country’s leading law firms’ lawyers also constitute our legal database. It is time to dive into the world of law deeper than reading Bare Acts and headlines of Supreme Court & High Court cases!
LawFlicks is the store house of best knowledge on all subjects including Constitution of India, IPC, CrPC, Intellectual Property Law, Corporate and Business Laws, Environmental law, SCC Online Case Briefs, Criminal Law, Animal Rights, Global Constitutionalism, Arbitration Law, International Law Information Technology law, Maritime Law and inter-disciplinary law studies!

You can get free law updates curated by the finest academicians and lawyers. We have organized legal articles from the best online sources. Whether you are a law student, practicing lawyer, or an academician, LawFlicks will take care of all your intellectual needs.

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Why LawFlicks is the best law app?

* World’s best law blogs: The best law schools of the world: Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Michigan, etc and the best law universities of India: the NLU’s, are part of our legal database!

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